Vol. 18 - 21
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Vol. 18: 2011

Cover, Editorial, Table of Contents
Botanizing Along the East Side of Steens Mountain: Some Lessons Learned on a Field Trip to Southeastern Oregon, by Kareen B. Sturgeon
Plant of the Year: Sandberg Bluegrass (Poa secunda), by Ron Halvorson
Lucia Summers (1835-1898): First Resident Botanist in the Pacifc Northwest, by Edward R. Alverson
Unlikely Pairing of Two Alien Species in Oregon Produces Unwanted Ofspring, by Alfonso Susanna and Cindy Roché
Book Reviews
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Vol. 19: 2012

Cover, Editorial, Table of Contents
Finding Brown’s Peony- a Sweet Attraction, by Nan Vance
Searching for the Rare Pueblo Valley Peppergrass in Southeastern Oregon, by Marilyn McEvoy
Sex and the Single Saltgrass, by Caitlin Coberly
Marys Peak Scenic Botanical Area, by Phillip R. Hays, Robert E. Frenkel and Esther H. G. McEvoy
In Memory of Norm Jensen
Book Review- Plant Reintroduction in a Changing Climate: Promises and Perils, by David Wagner
NPSO Fellow: Dan Luoma
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Vol. 20: 2013

Entire Issue
Cover, Table of Contents
The Discovery of Shepherd’s Desert Parsley (Lomatium pastorale), an Oregon Endemic , by David Wagner
Botanizers in the Land of Conifers: Oliver Matthews, Al Hobart, Eugene Parker , by Frank A Lang, Frank Callahan, Cindy Roche
Cypress Species in Oregon , by Frank Callahan
Western Juniper (Juniperus occidentalis), by Ron Halvorson
Book Reviews: "Conifer Country", "Conifers around the World: Conifers of the Temperate Zones and Adjacent Regions", "David Douglas: A Naturalist at Work. An Illustrated Exploration Across Two Centuries in the Pacific Northwest", "The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California,Second Edition","Walking Distance - Extraordinary Hikes For Ordinary People"
NPSO Fellows - Kareen Sturgeon & Paul Slichter
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Vol. 21: 2015

Entire Issue
Cover, Table of Contents
Juniper Canyon, Wallula Gap: An “Oasis in the Desert”, by Marin Axtell, Chelsea Cordell, Heidi Dobson, Bob Carson, Mike Denny
The Discovery of Two New Tufted Desertparsleys from Southeastern Oregon: Lomatium ravenii var. paiutense and Lomatium bentonitum , by Donald H. Mansfield
The Discovery and Naming of the Cascade Strawberry (Fragaria cascadensis Hummer), by Kim E. Hummer
PLANT OF THE YEAR: Sea Bluff Bluegrass (Poa unilateralis), by Kathleen Sayce and Cindy Roché
Book Reviews: "Conserving Oregon’s Environment: Breakthroughs That Made History" by Michael McCloskey; "Land Snails and Slugs of the Pacific Northwest" by Thomas E. Burke with William P. Leonard; "Field Guide to the Sedges of the Pacific Northwest,Second Edition" by Barbara L. Wilson, Richard Brainerd, Danna Lytjen, Bruce Newhouse and Nick Otting; " Oregon’s Botanical Landscape: An Opportunity to Imagine Oregon Before 1800" by Frances Stillwell
NPSO Fellows - Jim Duncan, Bruce Newhouse, and Cindy Talbott Roché

Vol. 22: 2019

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Cover, Table of Contents
Why Central Oregon Remained Botanically Unexplored during the Early Exploration of the Trans-Mississippi West (1786-1900) , by Susan E. Schneider
John Strong Newberry, MD (1822-1892),by Stuart G. Garrett, MD
LeRoy Ellsworth Detling (1898-1967), by Eileen Flory
Marjorie Larsen Ettinger (1924-2019) and Richard Howard Ettinger, M.D. (1924-2014) “Are the flowers smiling at you today?” by Susan Ettinger (Harless) Schneider
Tribute to Frank Lang (1937-2019)
NPSO Fellows - Fellows Awards: Barbara Mumblo and Linda Vorobik